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Global Standard: Better Money, Better Payments.

100% backed by gold

Global Standard is a dba of CMO, Inc.

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Global Standard

Mobilizing the value of gold for receiving and making payments.

Gold Backed Currency

Hold balances of AUG®, a privately-issued Currency that circulates electronically and is 100% backed by physical gold.

Secure Value

The gold reserves are held by a Special Purpose Trust and stored in a treasury grade repository. Detailed and audited inventories of physical gold are published in real-time on the website

Immediate & Final

Payments execute immediately, so you have immediate access to money received. Payments are final, so once you're paid you stay paid.

Competitive Fees

The fees for maintaining and using a Global Standard Account are competitive with, in most cases quite a bit less than, fees charged for other types of accounts.


Global Standard services are offered exclusively to its Members.

Referral Reward Program

Global Standard rewards its Members, because it's a community, and communities reward growth. Refer friends, family, businesses, anybody - you'll benefit.

Every time they send or receive a Spend, Global Standard rewards you. Unlike other systems that give you a one-time reward, or no reward, you benefit as long as you both use Global Standard.

Becoming a Member

Global Standard members are required to complete simple yet robust identification, verification, and due diligence procedures.

Businesses and financial institutions are required to complete a more rigorous review and must agree to protocols designed to enhance consumer safety.

Security Benefits

Members have confidence that they are transacting with the person or business with whom they intend. Global Standard has already validated the identity of each of its Members.

Conversely, members will never have to provide personal or financial information when specifying a Spend instruction. Identity and Privacy are very secure on this closed system.

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About Global Standard

Global Standard (CMO, Inc.) is a Membership community offering exclusive access to the Global Standard System that provides comprehensive, convenient, secure and efficient payments for a global economy. The Global Standard System is a centralized settlement platform that members can directly access to make and receive payments electronically using a digital currency 100% reserved by physical gold. Global Standard was founded in 2013 and is already operational in 36 states, with plans to expand to all 50 states, Canada, the EU and beyond.

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